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The Ivors

The Ivors Academy presents Ivor Novello Awards to celebrate and honour excellence in UK and Irish songwriting and composing.
An Ivor Novello Award represents peer recognition with awards presented and judged by the music creator community.

These rules and guidelines refer to our presentation of Ivor Novello Awards at The Ivors on Thursday 21 May 2020. 
There are separate rules and guidelines for our presentation at The Ivors Composer Awards, which primarily recognise contemporary classical, jazz and sound art.
The Ivors will recognise works released in the UK within the Awards year [qualifying period].

The Ivors also honour individual songwriters and composers with awards recognising their contribution to UK music or their compositional/songwriting potential.
These awards are in the gift of the Academy and are decided by The Ivors Committee, which is a sub-committee of The Ivors Academy Board.