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The 3rd presentation of Ivor Novello Awards at The Ivors Composer Awards take place in early December 2021. Ivor Novello Awards are presented at The Ivors Composer Awards to celebrate creative excellence in UK contemporary classical and jazz composition and sound art.

Works eligible for consideration received their first UK public performance between 1st April 2020 and 31st March 2021. They must also have been composed by a British national or ordinarily resident composer.

In the context of The Ivors Composer Awards, the first UK public performance can be either:

•    a concert performance of the work, accessible to the UK public
•    a live, or pre-recorded, streamed performance of the work accessible to the UK public
•    a performance of the work broadcast on a radio station accessible to the UK public 
•    the appearance of the work on a commercial recording available in the UK, if the recorded release denotes the work’s premiere

Due to the impact of Covid 19 on musical performance across the last 12 months, The Ivors Academy is inviting entrants to broadly categorise the music entered into seven classes covering contemporary classical, jazz and sound art.

Entrants should choose the category which most closely fits the work and The Ivors Academy reserves the right to move a work into a different category for judging or to create new Ivor Novello Award categories to accommodate several works, as it sees fit. This is so the Ivor Novello Awards presented later in the year reflect the contemporary
music heard in the UK during this exceptional time.

Contemporary Classical:
1.    Small Scale  Composition
2.    Large Scale Composition
3.    Vocal or Choral Composition

Contemporary Jazz:
4.    Small Scale Jazz Composition
5.    Large Scale Jazz Composition
6.    Jazz Album

Sound Art:
7.    Sound Art

There is specific eligibility criteria and entry materials needed for each musical category so please read the rules carefully before starting an entry.