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(a) There will be no more than five nominated works in each award category.

(b) The Academy will credit the composer(s) of the original music, responsible for the overall conception, design, and execution of the work as a whole, according to the works registration at the relevant royalty collection society.

(c) Each nominated composer will receive a nomination certificate from the Academy.

(d) Nominated composers will automatically be given Academy Membership, complimentary for a year.

(e) It is the Academy’s policy to list the nominated works, within each category, in alphabetical order of work title in all publicity material.

(f) The award ceremony will incorporate an audio-visual presentation highlighting nominees and nominated works. Nominees cooperation in supplying the necessary assets, as communicated direct by The Ivors Academy, will be required.

(g) Nominees will be sent a Nominee Toolkit which will contain social media assets and ‘The Ivors Composer Awards’ and ‘The Ivors Composer Awards Nominee 2021’ logos. These can only be used online, in print and in broadcasts once the public nomination announcement has been made.

(h) The logos as per the above clause G are available from The Ivors Academy at the time writers are confidentially informed of their nomination and can be used before the press announcement for the purpose of artwork preparation only. Please note that cropping or altering logos in any way is prohibited. Each instance of logo use must be approved by The Ivors Academy, with proofs of the logo in situ provided by email.