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Works composed for voluntary, amateur or youth performers and/or community engagement.


The musical work must have been composed by a British national or a composer who was ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022.

The musical work must have received its first UK public performance between 1 April 2021 and 31 March 2022.

In the context of The Ivors Composer Awards, the first UK public performance can be either:

  • a concert performance of the entire work, accessible to the UK public
  • a live, or pre-recorded, streamed concert performance of the entire work accessible to the UK public
  • a performance of the entire work broadcast on a radio station accessible to the UK public 

The work must have been completed after 1 April 2011.


The Academy promotes anonymous judging across The Ivors Composer Awards. As such, entrants are asked to remove any reference to the identity of the composer on submitted material, where possible. 

Entrants must provide an anonymised PDF musical score of the entire work.

Entrants must provide an audio file (at least 128 kbps MP3) of the entire work.
Video files can be submitted if the visual performance is integral to the piece.
The file form must be .mp4, audio codec stereo audio, aspect ratio 16.9 and file size cannot exceed 10GB.

Entrants must provide two 300dpi publicity photographs of the work’s composer.
These will be used in publicity should the work become nominated. In supplying the file, the entrant grants The Ivors Academy permission to use the image in relation to The Ivors Composer Awards 2022 across digital and print media.

Entrants are asked additional questions relating to the performers, the nature of interaction with the performers and how any project activity (i.e. workshops) relates to the final work. This is to help judges understand if there were any factors the composer had to consider when composing the work. 

Entrants must provide the composer’s latest biography and the work’s programme note. This information is not revealed to the judges.

Entrants must supply evidence of the date of the performance/broadcast. 


All eligible submissions will be assessed by specially appointed judges; the members of which shall be chosen by The Ivors Academy:

  1. The Academy aims to have no fewer than five composers on the panel.
  2. Any appointed judge found to have a conflict of interest or perceived conflict of interest during a judging session will be asked to forgo their role. 
  3. An Independent Adjudicator will be present at each judging session, in a non-voting capacity.
  4. All judging sessions will be led by a Chair, in a non-voting capacity. 
  5. All judges will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.


There will be no more than five nominated musical works.

The Academy will credit the composer(s) of the original music, responsible for the overall conception, design, and execution of the work as a whole, according to the works registration at the relevant royalty collection society.

Each nominated composer will receive a nomination certificate from the Academy.

Nominated composers will automatically be given Academy Membership, complimentary for a year.

It is the Academy’s policy to list the nominated works, within each category, in alphabetical order of work title in all publicity material.

The award ceremony will incorporate an audio-visual presentation highlighting nominees and nominated works. Nominees’ cooperation in supplying the necessary assets, as communicated direct by The Ivors Academy, will be required.


There will be one winning work, announced at The Ivors Composer Awards on Tuesday 15th November 2022.

One hand cast bronze statuette (Ivor Novello Award) will be presented to the composer of the work as per the details outlined in Candidates for Nomination.

An Ivor Novello Award remains the property of The Ivors Academy and it is to remain in the care of the recipient or their descendants. The award must not be sold on to any third party. Should the award leave the care of the recipient or their descendants, the Academy reserves the right to purchase the award back for a fee of £1.