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The Ivors Academy accepts entries for the following Award Categories:

1.    Small Chamber
Classical works, with or without electronics, composed for one to five instruments, and for one player or voice per part.

2.    Chamber Ensemble
Classical works, with or without electronics, composed for six to eighteen instruments, and for one instrument or voice per part.

3.    Large Ensemble
Classical works, with or without electronics, composed for up to thirty-six players, including concert band and chamber orchestra.

4.    Orchestral
Large symphonic works, with or without electronics, including works for choir and orchestra.

5.    Choral
Classical works specifically composed for the voice; either a cappella or accompanied.

6.    Community And Participation
Works composed for voluntary, amateur or youth performers and/or community engagement.

7.    Stage Works
Works composed for the stage; including opera, dance and musical theatre.

8.    Small Ensemble Jazz
Jazz works composed for up to eight musicians; containing improvisation as an essential element.

9.    Large Ensemble Jazz 
Jazz works composed for nine or more musicians; containing improvisation as an essential element.

10.    Sound Art
Works which use sound as both their medium and their subject, including installations, sculptural, electroacoustic and audience-interactive pieces.

a) Anyone can enter an eligible submission for consideration, including the composer themselves.

a) All entries are to be submitted online via this website.

b) There are different entry requirements for each category. Always read the Rules and Guidelines in full before preparing materials and submitting an entry.

c) An administration fee of £18 (£15 plus VAT) is payable per entry.

The administration fee is waived if the composer of the work is a Standard or Professional tier member of The Ivors Academy. Entrants are welcome to contact the Awards Team to check membership status.

Membership bursaries are offered by The Ivors Academy Trust should there be a financial barrier to joining the Academy. Further information about this can be found on the Academy website https://ivorsacademy.com/the-ivors-academy-membership-bursary-scheme.

If an administration fee is applicable, it must be paid in full before a work will be passed for judging.

Administration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

d) There is a limit of three works by any one composer that can be entered in any one year. If a composer has premiered more than three new works during the eligibility period, the Academy encourages entrants to choose those which demonstrate the highest level of compositional craft.

e) The Academy will only consider revised works whereby at least 50% of the compositional material is new.

f) Works which have previously been entered for Ivor Novello Award consideration (at either of our ceremonies: The Ivors Composer Awards or The Ivors) cannot be re-entered for the Awards.