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Submitting a Work to The Ivors Composer Awards 2019

(a) Anyone can enter an eligible work for consideration, including the composer themselves.

(b) There is no restriction on the number of works that may be submitted in any category. However, individual works can only be submitted once, into one category.

(c) Works which have previously been entered for consideration cannot be re-entered for the Awards.

(d) The Academy will only consider revised works whereby at least 50% of the compositional material is new.  

(e) An administration fee of £10.00 is payable per entry. Administration fees must be paid in full before a work will be passed for judging. The administration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
The administration fee is waived if the composer is a Standard or Academy member of The Ivors Academy. To request the code to waive the fee, contact us via this page.

(f) Please choose the category which most closely fits the work. The Ivors Academy reserves the right to move a work into a different category if it believes a categorisation error has occurred.

(g) All entries are to be submitted online via this website- The Ivors Academy's Awards Entry website. 

(h) All entries are judged anonymously. As such, entrants must remove any reference to the composer on any submitted materials. For full details, please refer to the Anonymity Checklist

We invites entries to the following award categories
1. Solo or Duo
2. Small Chamber
3. Chamber Ensemble
4. Jazz Composition for Small Ensemble
5. Jazz Composition for Large Ensemble
6. Choral
7. Wind Band or Brass Band
8. Orchestral
9. Stage Works
10. Sound Art
11. Community or Educational Project
12. Amateur or Young Performers

There is specific criteria for each award to which The Ivors Academy accepts entries. There are also specific entry requirements for these categories and rules regarding nomination. As such please read each section clearly before you start to enter a work.