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Classical works, with or without electronics, composed for nine or more performers, including works for choir and orchestra. Works written specifically for the voice should be entered into Vocal or Choral Composition.

(a) To be eligible the musical work must have been composed by a British national or a composer who was ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021.

(b) The work must have received its first UK public performance between 1 April 2020 and 31 March 2021.

In the context of The Ivors Composer Awards, the first UK public performance can be either:

•    a concert performance of the work, accessible to the UK  public
•    a live, or pre-recorded, streamed performance of the work accessible to the UK public
•    a performance of the work broadcast on a radio station accessible to the UK public 
•    the appearance of the work on a commercial recording available in the UK, if the recorded release denotes the work’s premiere 

(c) The work must have been completed after 1 April 2010.

(d) The Academy promotes anonymous judging across The Ivors Composer Awards. As such, entrants are asked to remove any reference to the identity of the composer on submitted material, where possible. 

(e) An anonymised PDF musical score of the entire work must be submitted.

(f) An audio file (at least 128 kbps MP3) of the entire work must be submitted. 
Video files can be submitted if the visual performance is integral to the piece [.mp4 or .mov file format, audio codec stereo audio, aspect ratio 16.9 and file size cannot exceed 10GB).

(g) Entrants are invited to submit an anonymised description or context to the work, of up to 100 words. This is not mandatory, but it will be revealed to the judges.

(h) If the work qualifies through appearance on a commercial recording, entrants must supply the release’s catalogue number and original UK commercial release date.

(i) If the work qualifies through a live concert, streamed performance or broadcast, entrants must supply evidence of the date of the performance/broadcast. 

(j) The composer’s latest biography and the work’s programme note must be submitted. This information is not revealed to the judges but used for administration purposes.