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9. Stage Works
This award recognises works specifically written for the stage, including opera, dance and musical theatre.

(a) This category is judged anonymously.  Please use the anonymity checklist on page 12 to ensure submitted materials comply.

(b) Each entry must be accompanied by:
- An anonymised PDF score of the entire work.
- An anonymised video of the entire performance. Videos must be in MP4, AVI or MOV format only.
- Composer biography, programme note and resume of the works exposure. This information is not revealed to the judges but is used for administration purposes.

(c) You are invited to submit an anonymised description or context to the work, of up to 60 words.

(d) Each entry should be accompanied by a PDF of the works registration at the relevant royalty collection society, identifying the writer interests and share contributions.

(e)There will be no more than three nominated works in this category.

(f) There will be one winning work in this category.

(g) One hand cast bronze statuette (Ivor Novello Award) will be presented to the winning composer(s), as identified on the works registration at the relevant royalty collection society.

(h) Any works where there is or appears to be a genuine ownership, authorship or author-share dispute may, at the discretion of The Ivors Academy Board, be disqualified.