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(a) There will be one winning work per award category.

(b) One hand cast bronze statuette (Ivor Novello Award) will be presented to the composer of the work as per the details outlined in Candidates for Nomination.

(c) An Ivor Novello Award remains the property of The Ivors Academy and it is to remain in the care of the recipient or their descendants. The award must not be sold on to any third party. Should the award leave the care of the recipient or their descendants, the Academy reserves the right to purchase the award back for a fee of £1.

(d) The winner’s press release and The Ivors Academy website is the definitive source of award winner’s information.

(e) Winners will be sent a Winner’s Toolkit which will contain social media assets, official photos from the ceremony (if applicable) and ‘The Ivors Composer Awards’ and ‘The Ivors Composer Awards Winner 2021’ logos once the winner has been made public. Winners are free to use to these online, in print and in broadcasts. Please note that cropping or altering logos in any way is prohibited. Each instance of logo use must be approved by The Ivors Academy, with proofs of the logo in situ provided by email.