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7. Best Original Video Game Score

This award recognises outstanding composition for a video game; how well the original music enhances the visual content and gaming experience.


(a) To be eligible the film score must have a British or Irish writing contribution of at least one third (33.3%) according to the works registration at the relevant royalty collection society.
A Non-British or non-Irish national’s contribution can be taken into account, for the purposes of eligibility, provided the writer was ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom during the calendar year ending 31 December 2019 (documentary proof will be required).

(b) To be eligible the game must have been commercially released in the UK during the calendar year ending 31 December 2019.

(c) The version of the game from original date of release in 2019 should be the version submitted for judging. Later versions on different platforms or extension packs will not be considered.


(d) All entries are judged anonymously. As such, entrants must remove any reference to the composers who created the work on submitted materials.

(e) An MPEG4 or QuickTime MOV file containing a selection of original music cues from the game must be submitted with each entry:

(i) The Academy strongly recommends that the composer of the musical score chooses the appropriate music cues as cues should best highlight the compositional excellence against the gaming experience.
(ii) music must be shown in the context of the visuals as it appeared within the game – audio levels against dialogue/action should not be modified in any way.
(iii) cues should be supplied as stereo audio.
(iv) cues can be shown in any order the composer feels best highlights their work across the entire game.
(v) there is no limit to the number of cues, but the overall duration must be no longer than 15 minutes    and should include a mixture of game play and in-game cinematic. There must be a minimum of 10 minutes of game play included.
(vi) the showreel must be anonymous. The composer’s name must not appear at any point, only the title of the game.

(f) A retail copy of the video game must also be submitted. If a digital download, a link should be included with the online submission. If a physical release, a copy of the game should be sent to The Ivors Academy.

Candidates for Nomination

(g) There will be no more than three nominated scores in this category.

(h) There will be one winning score in this category.

(i) The Academy will credit the composer(s) of the original music, responsible for the overall conception, design and execution of the work as a whole. Where the composer created less than 50% of the original music, additional contributors may be considered at the discretion of the Academy.

(j) One hand cast bronze statuette (Ivor Novello Award) will be presented to each winning composer in line with clause i. Only these composers will be invited on stage to collect their award at the ceremony.


(k) An Ivor Novello Award represents peer recognition and all eligible submissions will be assessed by specially appointed juries; the members of which shall be chosen by The Ivors Academy:

(i) The Academy aims to have seven judges on each panel.
(ii) Any appointed juror found to have a conflict of interest or perceived conflict of interest during a judging session will be asked to forgo their role.
(iii) An Independent Adjudicator will be present at each jury session, in a non-voting capacity.
(iv) All judges will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

(l) In all cases, the final decision rests with The Ivors Academy and correspondence will not be entered into with respect to such decisions.

(m) Any works where there is or appears to be a genuine ownership, authorship or author-share dispute may, at the discretion of The Ivors Academy Board, be disqualified.