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Entry Guidelines 

The Ivors Academy accepts Entries for the following Award Categories:

1. Rising Star Award with Apple Music
2. Best Song Musically and Lyrically
3. Best Contemporary Song
4. Best Album
5. Best Original Film Score
6. Best Television Soundtrack
7. Best Original Video Game Score

Who Can Enter?
Anyone can enter an eligible submission for consideration including the songwriter or composer themselves.

(a) All entries are to be submitted online via this website (https://ivorsacademy.secure-platform.com)

(b) There are different entry requirements for each award category. As such, always read the Rules and Guidelines in full before preparing your submission material.

(c) Rising Star Award with Apple Music recognises an individual or writing partnership.
There is no administration fee to enter this category.    

(d) Best Song Musically and Lyrically, Best Contemporary Song, Best Album, Best Original Film Score, Best Television Soundtrack and Best Original Video Game Score recognise a musical work.

An administration fee of £57.50 + VAT (£69.00) is payable per entry. 
The administration fee is waived if one of the composers or songwriters with a qualifying interest in the work is a Standard or Academy member of The Ivors Academy.
If an administration fee is applicable it must be paid in full before a work will be passed for judging. 
Administration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

(e) Works which have previously been entered for consideration cannot be re-entered for the Awards.

Non-Entry Categories
(f) The Ivors Academy does not accept entries for 8. PRS for Music Most Performed Work as this is based on data supplied by PRS for Music.

(g) The Ivors Academy does not accept entries for the following Gift of the Academy categories:

9. Outstanding Song Collection
10. PRS for Music Icon Award
11. Songwriter(s) of the Year
12. Special International Award with Apple Music
13. The Ivors Classical Music Award
14. The Ivors Inspiration Award

However, interested parties are welcome to send recommendations for individuals or writing partnerships that they feel should be considered for recognition.
These recommendations will be reviewed by The Ivors Committee.
For information on what to submit and when to send it, please contact The Ivors Academy.

(h) In all cases, the final decision rests with The Ivors Academy and correspondence will not be entered into that they feel should be considered for recognition.