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This award honours young, British or Irish songwriting talent who demonstrate exceptional potential, ambition and have begun to capture the imagination of the music creator community.

(a) Anyone can enter a writer for consideration, including the songwriter or composer themselves.


(a) To be eligible the entrant must be a British or Irish national or ordinarily resident in the UK from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021.

(b) They must be an active Standard Under 25 member of The Ivors Academy at the time of entry.

Membership bursaries are offered by The Ivors Academy Trust should there be a financial barrier to joining the Academy. Further information can be found on the Academy website https://ivorsacademy.com/the-ivors-academy-membership-bursary-scheme.

For the avoidance of doubt, in the instance of creative partnerships or bands, 50% of the named songwriters need to be active Standard Under 25 members of The Ivors Academy at the time of entry. 

(c) Previous acknowledgement with an Ivor Novello Award or nomination precludes entry to the Rising Star Award with Apple Music.

Entry Requirements

The following must be submitted:

(d) Three original musical works, written or co-written by the entrant.
The works should demonstrate the entrant’s exceptional creative talent.

  1. At least one must be available to stream on Apple Music
  2. An audio file of each work (at least 128 kbps MP3) must also be submitted
  3. Each work must be accompanied by a PDF copy of the song lyrics, if applicable.
  4. A PDF of the work’s registration at the relevant royalty collection society identifying the songwriter interests and share contributions must also be submitted.
    This is so the judges can assess the contribution made by the entrant. If any works are in the process of being registered at the relevant royalty collection society other documentary proof can be supplied (such as a co-writing agreement).

(e) The entrant’s biography in PDF form

(f) One supporting review or endorsement of the entrant’s songwriting in PDF form